One of them is in love with you: A sequel

One-and-a-half years into writing “One of them is in love with you,” I finally managed give it a logical end. The first poem had its own mystery, the second may not. But my primary aim was to put it to bed, because, sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Link to the original poem: http://www.janeborges9.blogspot.com/2010/08/one-of-them-is-in-love-with-you.html
P.S. You will have to read the original poem, to understand the one below.

One of them is in love with you: A sequel 

She had nothing to hide, and nothing to fear,

But that night had been far too long, and the four quite near, 
Until then, they just seemed friendly and nice,
But as hours swept, she felt otherwise,
And when dawn broke for their journey to resume,
Something in her heart, so heavy began to loom,
Pride fell from her eyes like fresh morning’s dew,
It happened when she fell in love with with all of you.

Her feet crawled and her mind moved slow,
Like blood in the body had stopped its flow,
If only the knights had not requested a ride,
And used her as a soul to confide,
She would not have loved, and not have cried,
For, she knew how much she had lied,
Then, suddenly she thought of the blue cloak in the shed she threw,
She had no choice, but to return to the knights she loved, she knew. 

She turned back, and wondered if it were a Godly plan,
Or the viciousness of the “wily” young man,
In the past, he played a trick or two,
To win her from a couple few,
But the “charmer” had the knack of such a genius,
Yet, she knew, he couldn’t quite commit a crime so serious, 
And so, she trudged the rocky path thinking of who,
If it were not among the two of you.

When miles she walked, she stopped by a stream,
And noticed the escaping of the sun light beam,
She hurried before dusk set soon,
With her mind now shifting to the “docile” little moon,
But his innocence was a big tale in the country,
So if it weren’t him, it was definitely the “visionary”,   
But then it struck her so hard, but true,
None had loved her like she had loved the four of you.  

Her feet gained now the strength of time,
To collect the cloak that she had forgotten in the shed sublime,
She wondered if the knights had stayed today,
Hoping she’d come to take this last garment away,
But when she reached it was darker than black,
Only the shed was lit, and the noise of firewood cracked,
She entered inside amused and without a clue,
There, standing was a knight, who resembled none of the four of you.  


7 thoughts on “One of them is in love with you: A sequel

  1. He hovered in the air, smiling a naughty smile
    Invisible, he had been waiting all this while
    ‘Oh, sweet the fruits of patience,’ he said
    And raised his bow and lowered his head
    An entire night he had followed her around
    In none of the four knights had he found
    The worthiness for them to win her love
    So he waited and watched and hovered above
    And now as he saw them both draw close
    The cherub settled with ease in his usual pose
    For which he is known for best in paintings and frescoes
    He whispered unheard, aiming one of his famed arrows
    “They may all fall over each other trying to woo;
    But only one of them is meant for you”


  2. Wow! The end was way better than i could have dreamed of you to come up with. It was beautiful…and in a way touching because I think I know what you mean. Loved it 🙂



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