Are you a closeted racist?

"You are dark ‘BUT’ you have good features"

24 years gone, but I still hear it now,

The colour of my skin always ‘but’ted somehow
with features good, or may be sharp,
Or may be something on the pretext to harp.

I wonder then if I was really complimented,
Or if you tried to ensure that I wasn’t offended,
By pronouncing me dark and then correcting yourself,  
and garnishing it with words from your shelf.

And then you say I should not have this complex,
For not being the fairest in my sex.
But whether I should believe you or not, 
Is better left for another day’s food for thought.

For now, know that I don’t need this reconciliation,
Or any sort of well-worded juxtaposition,
I have worn this colour on my skin far too long,
but please care about those who believe in your racist song.  

On many occasions, I have been thrown the “you are dark, but have great features” remark. I wouldn’t deny that in the past I have blushed, only to realise that people were trying to find a reason to see beauty in a colour that they otherwise, believed wasn’t really…
Food for thought, how many times have you made such an interesting remark, or have you ever said, “oh! she is fair, but what great features”. 
Aren’t most of us then closeted racists? Language is the threshold of the mind, it is a reflection of our tendency to be politically correct, yet an indication of our flaws in faking to be one.  

8 thoughts on “"You are dark ‘BUT’ you have good features"

  1. Does the color of your skin bother you so very much? – It's understandable though as people often judge you from what you look like from the outside,don't they?

    I often think that I am a monster and I see the look of contempt in people's eyes as if I were an insect or something . My problems with self image are far more severe than yours if that should give you some measure of solace.

    However as far as skin color goes then it varies from one individual to another as human beings esppuse an inherent bias. I personally find darker/sultry women to be far more attractive that their pale white counterparts. Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and elsewhere Padma Lakshmi are some of the women I would rate as being the most sexually appealing….Although I find that most Indians prefer fairer skinned women and I don't quite understand the psyche behind this. I suppose if it is not skin color then its something else that people shall find to discriminate, no? -that's coz people are idiots.


  2. No Lionel! My skin colour has never bothered me, in fact, I love being the way I am, and don't see any reason to change a thing in me. I personally feel that colour is NOT a problem for those who wear it, but for those who see it.
    A lot of narrow-mindedness still prevails; one does not need to assert that “DARK IS BEAUTIFUL” or that “SHE OR HE IS DARK, BUT PRETTY”… I already know that. Have you ever heard people say “Fair is pretty,” no! Guess… it is assumed that everything synonymous to fair is presumably good. Matrimonial ads still call for “fair and pretty girls”… fairness creams still cry foul every time they tell you that you will be an achiever if you are fair. While I don't care a hang for such thrash, can you imagine the plight of the several thousands of women who go through to ordeal of not finding good husbands or not getting the desired job in a service industry. It's high time that people GROW UP!


  3. I am not attempting to insinuate that “dark is beautiful”…neither color is actually but it is a matter of preference just like chocolate or vanilla(some like one while others prefer both). Beauty is a very subjective concept and people have several preconceived notions when it comes to beauty or anything else for that matter. I am alluding to a confirmation bias or a manner of selective interpretation that is present in all human beings. It's just the manner in which the human mind tends to function…


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