Are you a closeted racist?

"You are dark ‘BUT’ you have good features"

24 years gone, but I still hear it now,

The colour of my skin always ‘but’ted somehow
with features good, or may be sharp,
Or may be something on the pretext to harp.

I wonder then if I was really complimented,
Or if you tried to ensure that I wasn’t offended,
By pronouncing me dark and then correcting yourself,  
and garnishing it with words from your shelf.

And then you say I should not have this complex,
For not being the fairest in my sex.
But whether I should believe you or not, 
Is better left for another day’s food for thought.

For now, know that I don’t need this reconciliation,
Or any sort of well-worded juxtaposition,
I have worn this colour on my skin far too long,
but please care about those who believe in your racist song.  

On many occasions, I have been thrown the “you are dark, but have great features” remark. I wouldn’t deny that in the past I have blushed, only to realise that people were trying to find a reason to see beauty in a colour that they otherwise, believed wasn’t really…
Food for thought, how many times have you made such an interesting remark, or have you ever said, “oh! she is fair, but what great features”. 
Aren’t most of us then closeted racists? Language is the threshold of the mind, it is a reflection of our tendency to be politically correct, yet an indication of our flaws in faking to be one.