If Facebook was not www.facebook.com… it would have been?

1) makefriendship.com 
Though I really don’t understand how one “makes” friendship
2) voyeursapetite.com 
Trust me, my FB home page can be far more interesting than the morning newspaper. (Obits included)
3) keeptrackonmyex.com 
This is when FB gives the FBI a run for its money
4) ventmyfrustration.com 
Agitated, humiliated, angry, frustrated and want to spew venom, Welcome to Facebook. (Best part about such statuses… you really don’t know whether to like them)  
5) strikeaconvo.in 
For all the conversations you couldn’t strike with him/her because you got tongue tied 
6) letsbefarmers.com 
Caught in the wrong job, join Farmville, become a farmer; exchange goats, cows, trees, cheese and milk 
7) statusquo.com
Found someone interesting and want to know your reach-o-meter… Facebook is here
8) clicked4fbonly.com
When was the last time you clicked pictures without the intention of publishing it on Facebook
9) recommendations.com
Whether its a youtube video, an interesting article, a ranting blog, an interesting picture or a “you-know-what-i-did status” message … just tag with @Name of the person and recommend. (Do you know of the number of friends on your list who sulk when they are not tagged in such stupid recommends or status messages?) 
10) itsasmallworld_afterall.com
Naah… Facebook is better!!!

12 thoughts on “If Facebook was not www.facebook.com… it would have been?

  1. Ha ha
    Jane, this is Sunday Times material. I'm sure they would be glad to publish this.
    I think this is your funniest post so far. One of the points made absolute sense- when was the last time you got yourself clicked without the intention of putting the snap up on Facebook?
    You should write more of these you know and let people know that there are more sides to you than the serious one people see.


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