Rains and emotions

One of them is in love with you

They came in regal horses,
Unchallenged, powerful forces,
One a charmer, the other docile,
The third — a visionary, while another secretly vile,
Yet in all their capacities, they still bowed subserviently,
Hiding their gaze nervously,
When she came all dressed in blue,
Who wouldn’t say that one of them wasn’t in love with you…

Then they got down their horses, anticipating a cue,
Hoping she’d step on their ride without much ado,
But they were four and she just one,
She may have chanced to hurt someone,
Yet she chose him, unaccustomed to the possibility,
Which her friend had once asked about worriedly,
What if you soon knew?
That one of them was in love with you…

In the night they all gallantly rode,
For them she was the only connecting node,
None knew how and what she felt,
Lest they hurt their hearts or melt,
But of them, some couldn’t help throw her a stare,
Their hearts not empty and their minds not bare,
In wishful thinking they parried their view,
But we know that one among them was deeply in love with you…

And all of a sudden it started to heavily rain,
So they turned their horses to the shed in the closest by lane,
Hurriedly she hopped down, all drenched and soaked,
And removed from her face, the dark blue cloak,
Jaws dropped, eyes stunned and hearts thumped,
It felt like an apple in someone’s throat had lumped,
But they feared the risk of letting out their view,
It was but obvious that someone was secretly in love with you…

They sat inside, till the rains had stopped,
Spinning tales inside the shed they had now locked,
The charmer spoke of his gaze for other beauties,
The docile mentioned all his pending duties,
The visionary made known few of his ambitious dreams,
And the vile one, coated his wicked plans with cream,
Yet in all this none had asked if it were true,
Whether you knew that one of them was in love with you…

The air still moist, but the lands now dry,
So they planned to leave before the cock crowed its morning cry,
But outside she walked like an impatient tide,
And also refused a horseback ride,
With teary eyes, she waived byes to her handsome knights,
And hugged them in the morning light,
They stared vacantly as she moseyed alone in the forest hue,
Yes, she had fallen in love with all four of you…

Link to the sequel http://janeborges9.blogspot.in/2012/01/one-of-them-is-in-love-with-you-sequel.html