Boys will be boys because (BWB3)

Of course I am not the first person to be saying this… the facts are known, tried and obviously tested. And even while my experience may be limited, my observations with slight errors are not superficial.
It has been an age since I wrote on my blog, probably over four months and though I hadn’t been really thinking too hard about what to write… it finally struck me that my favourite subject… that of the masculine brain hadn’t been touched upon. With two brothers at home all the time, a good five male cousins hovering inside and outside home every now and then and some ten-odd male friends (hmm… let me be precise… well yes seven of them currently), I really did not have to think too hard to jot this one down… it struck me, so I wrote, pardon me because I was really really really bored…

Boys will be boys because (Bwb3)

1) They are blind and deaf to the word MESS:
They create MESS, but hell, they don’t know what it means, in fact they don’t know how it looks like. Their sense of vision is poor to anything related to MESS and when asked to clear “the mess”, their sense of hearing mostly fails to respond. This is then followed by absolute collapse of the sense of touch, until they are bribed…

2) They are sensitive to the movies:
Err… by sensitive I don’t mean that they get “emotional”. Often, the mention of certain films wakes up their otherwise numb senses. For instance, just the mention of the word Rocky, Terminator or Fast and the Furious triggers an adrenalin rush and gets their hearts pounding. (Mind you…They can watch it forever and never get bored).

3) They are vision centric:
I won’t get into detailing, but in simple words… their right eye is solely for auto mobiles, while their left is for women. (This is why all the mishaps occur :P).

4) The game is their best friend:
They leave work early, they skip a day of online networking, they switch off their phone, they forget they ever had a girl friend (wow so many sacrifices)… all so that they can slouch on their cushions or beds and watch a game of soccer or cricket.

5) They love cat fights:
I was unaware about this, until one of my guy friends told me how much men love watching two women or for that matter a group of women fight…

6) They flirt, but won’t accept it:
“Well, you see… I was just being sweet,” is how they put it. Also, very few admit they are one.

7) They take more time to dress:

They spend more time getting ready than women. May be I am talking off hand, out of personal experience, but if you still don’t believe me… read this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1249811/Men-spend-83-minutes-preparing-women-just-79-survey-finds.html

8) They have bloated egos:
Don’t even get there. They have massive egos and even if they fake “like they have none,” it is not difficult to gauge when you touched where it hurt the most….

9) They are a bag of excuses:
Whether it is a break-up, plugging their no-smoking resolution, drinking alcohol, speeding on the roads or hitting on everything that walks on earth and swims in water :)… just ask men… They find appropriate excuses for everything under the son and won’t stop until they believe that it has been bought by us. Often we shut up just because we know it’s all gas…

10) Ultimate heart-break kids:
They like and hate with speed and don’t realise how many hearts they have left for the universe to mend. The best part is that they don’t really care and instead just come up with a very frivolous “she was just too good for me reason” to wash their hands off everything….

11) Nervous in love:
Well, after all those hearts they’ve broken what do you expect… sometimes they can’t even accept the fact that they are in love.

12) They believe that Hot girls can be bitches:
Well, this is what they preach, but this is not what they practise.

13) They get bored after 1 am:
Of course with the whole world sleeping, it is but foolish to expect anything productive enough to do at that time of the night. But don’t be surprised if a guy calls you after 1 am saying “hey can we talk, I am bored.”

14) They like attention:
So just in case you are angry with them… simply ignore

15) A good conversation could be anything from sex, girls, money, music and physique….
If you’ve not heard a man speak about either of the five you’ve not met one yet.

16) A sister can always help
When screwed up, if they are blessed with a sister, they’ll turn to her.

P.S. I Was just trying to put two and two together


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