Cartoons that were idiotically boxed in my childhood

Eight years…uhhh…seven..hmm six… no, I think eight is right.
Yes, its been eight years since I sat animatedly to watch cartoons that ran on my idiot box. I must have been 14 and yet I was still obsessed with Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo. Today, I realise that age is getting on me (22 being close on heals), I try best switch my remote — err..before a midlife crisis — to the POGOs or Cartoon Networks of our times from my daily Sitcoms and news trash, but, to my dissapointment all I get to see is some Japanese cartoons (Shing-chang, Pokemon, Doremon and all that jazz), which I personally feel is NON-SENSICAL TRASH dumped to a lull group of X-BOX and Play-station obsessed kids.

Yes, I do miss some of my favourite cartoons and am sad that none of it is being fed to the present generation and beyond. And so, this overtly magnanimous ego of mine…deflates…refuses to switch to cartoon channels for now, but instead opts for the better option to vent my cartoon woes…Ah…well you know…MY BLOG…My beshtest friend…
So here it goes, the list of my favourite cartoons that were idiotically boxed in my childhood (in no lovable order)


Uncle Scrooge McDuck and his three great-nephews Dewey, Huey, Louie were the most loved foursome among my friend circle. We used to love the cartoon to the core and most of my girl and boy friends would specially drop by to my house daily, only to catch up with the next episode together.
The most fascinating element in this Walt Disney production was the GOLD ELEMENT..yes..wait I am getting there… I loved watching Uncle Scrooge swim in his “gold coin-pool” hidden in the circular round locker inside his dollar-signed office building.
Scrooge was probably the richest duck in town, but woah, the greedy uncle wanted more, so the cartoon script was a twist from the Bollywood one-linerA total paisa dekh tamasha dekh (original being Paisa phek tamasha dekh).
Well, most of the times, the episodes were all about shielding Uncle Scrooge’s wealth from the Beagle Boys and the devilishly beautiful Magica De Spell. It was an out an out chase for the “big-bucks”.
Uncle Scrooge, who hated his naughty little great-nephews in the begining of every episode and constantly cursed his nephew Donald for making him their foster parent, virtually made them participants in his “save my money game.” So, in the end they were one big happy family, saving us kids aka my friends a beautiful smile.


Scooby doobie Doo WHERE ARE YOU? You got some work to do now…. hmm…I can still sing the song for you. I have fond memories of this cartoon in particular, especially because it was one of mine and my brother Saby’s most loved cartoons. We were one of the biggest fans around, probably because its eerie feel and prudish spookiness and the silly ghost-busting brigade i.e. Shaggie and Scooby Doo followed by Freddie (who was always on the driver’s seat in the Dream Machine car), the hottie Daphine and Velma (intelligent, smart and daring of the lot), excited our ghostly sensibilities.
I remember Saby play Freddie and me Welma, to add to the romantic touch, my brother’s pupply-love would play Daphine. We would re-run the entire show daily after watching it, that was the extent of our craze. It was fun, how we would keep guessing who the real ghost was till the end of the cartoon, though often it was more than obvious. Yes, but Scooby Doo had a standard story line which would end by unmasking the mysterious ghost.
The most adorable characters of them all were Shaggie and Scooby Doo the hungriest of the lot. They would salivate on burgers and ice-creams and the scooby snack ofcourse.
The “Dream Machine” gang would only have to feed scooby snacks to Shaggy and Scooby Doo to persuade them to disguise and confront the ghost face to face.
Somewhere in between we also had Scooby’s nephew Scrappy Doo but well he did not fit the bill or for that matter the “Dream Machine team”.
This Hanna Barbera production was such a big hit, that the cartoon was followed by two Hollywood movies, one a sequel to the other. There have been several versions of the Scooby Doo cartoon ever since…but none could beat the original. Interestingly, the original run was in 1969, i.e. over FOUR decades ago, but good cartoons die-hard and so has Scooby Doooo..


“With your powers combined, I, am Captain Planet?” Yes, Captain Planet…this is the only action cartoon I never had qualms about watching with the boys. The script goes like this….five ordinary people are gifted with the rings of elemental power Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Heart by the Earthy Spirit Gaia. These five come from different parts of the world and unite to form the “Planateers” who have been destined to Save Planet Earth.
Individually, their Earthly energies helps keep away the enemy from harming the environment, but, when the enemy overpowers, they combine their energies by placing their rings forward and calling out to our very own CAPTAIN PLANET. And as the song goes, Captain Planet…He’s the hero, gonna bring pollution down to zero. However, Captain Planet is weakened when he comes in direct contact with pollutants.
The beautiful Earth Spirit Gaia protects these planateers and regularly briefs them on the next environment-protection assignment while also informing them about the doers of such crime.
Gaia is my favourite, because she was absolutely mystical. The best part about this Ted-Tuner production was that it was fun yet informative at the same time. It helped young kids like me become more environmentally concious.
Yes….The Power is Yours….


Tom and Jerry nahin dekha to kya dekha. Yes, this cartoon cannot “just” skip your mind. Originally created by William Hanna and Joesph Barbera for MGM Productions, Tom and Jerry is the story of a blue-grey housecat (Tom) and a brown mouse (Jerry). Supposedly living under one roof, Tom and Jerry replicate the real-life enemity between mice and cats. But what it offers, is out and out non-sensical, hysterical, power-packed comical violence dramatically toned with endless battles and chases. The mouse triggers, the cat is triggered and the never-ending chase continues…unfortunately poor Tom never manages to catch the menacing Jerry. In one or two of the cartoons they patch up and vow friendship only to become fierce enemies in the next. Interestingly, Tom also dies is more than three of the cartoon shows, but, again, he never really dies, he comes back to haunt lil Jerry.
All cartoons however run high and dry without other characters who help make it big, Spike (the bulldog) and his sone Tyke, Quacker, Mammy two shoes (the African American housemaid – known for kicking Tom out of home often), Nibbles (the little orphan mouse), the gold-fish are some of these.
My favourite cartoon from among the series is The Night before Christmas.
I AM A LUCKY ONE THOUGH, I don’t need cartoon channels to view re-runs, I have my prized Tom and Jerry video cassette-collection, which I turn to whenever I need to lift my mood. And don’t be suprised….the first Tom and Jerry Cartoon was screened in 1940…and the series alone have one seven Academy awards. So, you know that no one outgrows watching the cartoon, and no other cartoon has been able to beat the Cat-Mouse duo.

OK… I LOVED MANY MORE, BUT THESE WERE FOUR OF MY FAVOURITE. I have decided to pen only this much before you get bored any further. But, I cannot do without mentioning them, so here it is
Johnny Quest, Flintstones, Richie Rich, The Jetsons, Tale Spin, Swat Cats, Alladin, The Little Mermaid, Pink Panther, Popeye, The Perils of Penelope Pistop, Top Cat, Cat Dog, Courage the Cowardly Dog… I think this should suffice, Poor little kiddies are missing so much these days


10 thoughts on “Cartoons that were idiotically boxed in my childhood

  1. saby says:

    Didi u rock……yup we did have our share of moments that will last till the end….scooby doo was one of them…….. i remember u and rachel use to fight like hell for the role daphine….those moments are still fresh as never ending memories….u to me is a gift from god….. without u my life is black and white…u filled my life with memories that i can never forget…..i wonder what iwould do without u….thanks for being there…


  2. i used to love all of these. a particular fav was The Mask. i used to ape him sometimes, which never failed to get on my mom’s nerves.

    when the new wave of cartoons began, i initially loved ’em. then i realised, i was 18, and they appealed to me because they showed all the violence and darkness that i had started loving in movies.

    with that realisation came another: kids my age are being exposed to all that when they should be reading Amar Chitra Katha. ok, slight hyperbole, but i really do think they shouldn’t be watching all that stuff.

    man, i am 23, and already reminiscing about the good ol’ days!


  3. i so agree wid u jane! cant even sit for a minute wid crap like that playing in front of me! such a shame wen my cousins talk about pokemon instead of alladin! i do miss those days!


  4. There certainly was some ace stuff back in the day, but even before the Cartoon Network explosion, Star TV (its lone entertainment channel then) had a one hour on Saturdays and Sundays with such gems as <>Bananaman<>, <>Sharky and George<>, <>Lippy the Lion<>, <>Touché Turtle<> and so on and so forth.

    These days, for me it’s all about the Adult Swim shows like <>Aqua Teen Hunger Force<>, <>The Brak Show<> and <>Metalocalypse<>. High-quality stuff!

    It’s a well known but not very widely-written about trend that kids cartoons these days suck ass. Well done on nailing the trend, but a few mugshots here and there of Scooby, Scrooge etc. would have helped and a 26/11 angle is also needed…


  5. I particularly loved Tom n Jerry.
    U remember Chip & Dale??
    For some reason I hated Dennis the Menace!
    Anyway ur post took me through memory lane 🙂 Feeling nice about having watched much more sensible cartoon than the stupid Japanese kids watch today 😀


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