1) I love to clean my house… I honestly think I am a reincarnation of some Kantabai or Kamlibai. I hate dirty rooms and really get irritated when I see untidy people. Unfortunately, I am surrounded by them 24X7 and there is nothing I can do about it. Cleaning your cupboard, doing your bedding and washing utensils are some of the best de-stressors. They actually help you tidy up the brain. But yes… I have never tried my cleaning antics in the toilets… I leave that for other people. So, on a really good day if I am doing nothing I take a cloth and begin dusting….Gosh, what a de-stressor??

2) I love drinking coffee… During my exams I had this bad habit of having four mugs of coffee daily. One even before brushing my teeth, second after brushing my teeth. The other post lunch and one more post dinner. It honestly never kept me awake but i always felt it did wonders to my brain. Yes but i am not an addict, I quit coffee many a times only to return to it when I am really depressed or think that my brain needs some more greasing.

3) I think men who flirt are really uncool… Well, my friends think they are CHARMINGGGGGGGG… well, they might just be. But a man should try the next best thing to woo a women. Its another thing that men have always thought twice before flirting with me coz of my don’t-bother-too-hard attitude. The thing is that its rare that a man uses his intelligence prowess to make a woman go weak in her knees…wonder why? And even if they do, they are not better than the ones who flirt. GOSH!! I think i hate men.

4) I am generally grumpy…Ok! I know it is a very bad habit, but i frown more often than i smile. I get up with a frown, i sleep with a frown, i work with a frown and blah blah blah! Its another thing that I think i look great when i smile and people often tell me to do that…since it makes me look more pleasant. Yes and whenever I do manage to smile I am framed for life and then I happily put up these pictures on Orkut, Facebook and on chat rooms as my display picture. Ahaan!! but the one on my blog is not at all deceptive. Note: Look at the picture carefully…its the grumpy me. Keep Smiling and try hard to keep making me smile :)))

5) I love chocolates but will never buy them… This is a big problem with stingy people like me…oops i forgot to mention how stingy i am…probably it will mention it in the next pointer. My favourite is Galaxy…hmmmmmmmm…man that chocolate makes me go tizzy…don’t get it in India though. It would be over my dead body if i had to part with my chocolates…sometimes I do…but only for my brothers. Yes, but i wont go all the way to buy myself a chocolate. All the chocolates i have eaten till date have been gifted…however, I do buy myself Rs 5 worth Dairy Milk or Five star chocolates at times. Oh! I forgot, I also have this fettish for five star…if I remember when I was in school I would distribute big bars of five star chocolates to my classmates. I think I shifted to toffee distribution just when i felt that my classmates were expecting a lil too much.

6) I am really stingy… This word is an understatement. In college i did not go beyond a Rs 4 vadapav and now while i earn I think 10 times before buying something. And even if I do buy something I crib about how much money I possibly spent simply buying it when there were better options. Same goes to eating, I dont think i could possibly spend much on food. I know how guilty i feel if my bill exceed Rs 200….yeah i know I am bad at this.

7) I love my family and have a best friend called Tess…I know everyone gives the same old jazz. But i cannot live without dad, mom and my naughty lil brothers. We all fight and we fight really bad at times…but in the end we are just one big family. And though the “I-love-my-family-thing” stands on the top of my priority list, i thought i should include it somewhere in the end so that it does not bore people.
MY best friend TESS: Yes, this was the only place where i never mentioned her. If a person knows me, she/he has to know Tess. Not that its a must and all…its just that she loves poking in everytime. So, if I get a friend callin me after ages, the first or for that matter the last think they ask me is, “Oh! So how is Tess?” Ok guys, I know she has these cute lil name TESS and all…and I know that you know that she is my best friend…but did I ever ask you to mention her name so often. Won’t deny that she is adorable…like an older sister, who tries hard to make me smile, showers me with chocolates and also reminds me that I need a Prince Charming in my life…but blah blah…sometimes she just goes overboard and tries to drill names of some guys into my head. She is crazy, I tell you and she makes me feel like a dim wit at times coz she is really good with men and words…I am not…even if I am…i refuse to entertain it when unecessary. But Tess I really love you and you are like family to me

8) I never had a fling and have had only 3 crushes till date… ;( Ok I am not indulging in Name Droping…it wouldn’t interest you anyway, until and unless you are assuming that you among the three…don’t bother….these 3 guys dont know head or tail of my blog. I know its sad to have only had 3 crushes but its very rare for me to like someone. I have had my set of infatuations like “Oh my God!! that guy is really hot” but couldn’t really categorise them as crushes.
I had my last crush like two years ago and the one before that five years ago and the other like seven years ago. Blaah…they all reside in different cities today… and thats just about it….I really dont care about these crush feelings anymore. And until and unless you still feel you are among the three…you are happy to feel so…no harm

9) I make my expressions clear with the eye…If i can’t look at you in the eye and talk to you then there is something terribly wrong with you. Either, I think you are just too boring or that you are just making me feel very uncomfortable for reasons I do not know.
If I look at you in the eye and talk to you, like a proper stare, then I really hate you from the core of my heart. If I look at you casually, then you don’t have to bother…you are my loving friend and I really love you.

10) I inadvertently use a lot of pink daily: Honestly, I am not a pink person and neither do I feel that it looks good on dark skin. My favourite colours are “black and white”…possibly cause that is the story of my life at present. But, yes getting back to the point…. I have a lot of pink… pink soap, pink shampoo, pink towel, pink scrunchie, pink homewear, pink perfume (Colour ME – Milton and Loyd)…. also my room walls are painted in pale pink. Pink… tooooo much 🙂

11) I’ve had several pet names: The most popular being Baby Darling. Till I was eight everyone called me with the name…later, when I was no longer fit for one I got names following “their love” and “my size” …. like janu, jaan, jaanu, janey, jen, moti, battu, batati (potato)….

12) My close circle of friends: I have a group of close friends… who i remember in both my happy and sad times and I love them all to the core. Yes, I have had my share of misunderstandings and fights with them, but the fact is that they bring a smile on my face. Most of us don’t talk often, but when we do, its like a house on fire…List goes (using initials for some or their nicknames)….Tesso, Nish, HZ, Sharine, Deba, Nads, Bless, Sania, Yash, Misbah, Sobs, Andy, Lisa… (basically all of em know a lot abt me)

13) I weighed 92kgs when I was 15: I thought i should keep it as a big secret for a long time. But now things are so different that I feel that I rather flaunt my once-obese-self. It just makes for an interesting read, considering the fact that I still say i didn’t do a thing to loose all that baby fat.

14) I can’t keep secrets about my personal life: Yeah its a truth… I can’t keep secrets, half the world knows everything about me and all my stupid secrets, probably this is why I am writing such a blog too… Ahaa…but except for my best friend everyone knows the half-truth.

15) I love comments… whether good or bad… I just love getting feedback about everything in my life. So you know what you have to do next 🙂
Keep smiling and keep dreaming



  1. i donno how u do it… i really can’t go without reading the whole thing… i mean… ur words… they are like so so… hmm… really really really so flowy… love it…this is gooooood….


  2. now i know what it means when u stare me in the eye and tell me to stop bothering u with my cam!!i love 5-stars too. 😀and even my mom cleans to destress, so dont think u r weird. there r times when she’ll come home from work, and take up a duster before she’ll even have tea!nice post. the honesty in it really appealed to me. and i see that hussain sir ommentedu on ur blog! damn cool. congrats keep writing.


  3. TJ says:

    Jane!awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..sniffwait till u get home…u might have another surprise waiting for u….:)Shud i say i’m honoured that the future Kamala Das (loved her poem on Kindergarten) has written abt me in her blog???….sniff…Chalo….muft ka publicity mil gaya…not that my PR was doing a good job either…:)Honestly, I didnt read beyond the point where u mentioned me..coz u know i read only coz u told me that u had mentioned me…but i seriously hope i give u more reasons and maukas to talk abt me like this…..ooh i’m loving the attention :)….always have 😉P.S. I love you


  4. good use of words… even i try to recall the GRE words that i am studying… i ve come to know more abt u… i got many doubts?? i forgot to see ur eyes carefully wen i came and met u… but i still rem that cute little smile of urs.. really pleasing..


  5. Anonymous says:

    try to go beyond norms.“TEN THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME”y bother to put it as ten pointers. do you reallly think ten can contain.hope you are above that. so next time stay clear of numbers and norms.love the posts.– the ultimate cynic.


  6. Thanks…Ultimate cynic…infact u read my mind..after writing the post i realised that there was so much that i COULD still write..so many more interesting things…yes 10 cant contain


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jane.. dont know if you would remember… you did a write up on my books a few months back..I dindt know at that point in time that your skill sets go beyond journalism..I just stumbled upon your blog today..and wow.. you write very well. I loved the piece on “10 things…” I dont know you well, so it was not about the 10 things. It was about the way you have expressed yourself. I am sure i will come back to your blog for more.
    Consider writing a book. you can do it
    Ravi Subramanian


  8. Hi Ravi…
    Ofcourse I remember you very well and the brief 30 minute telephonic interview I had with you.
    It was really nice of you to have read my blog and also have remembered the girl who interviewed you 🙂
    I hope i keep posting stuff that will make you keep coming for more.
    Many Thanks,


  9. I like the way you have described yourself…it makes reader smile…saw your blog link in one of the forwards mailed to me…and as desired leaving a comment!

    Happy Dreaming & Writing!


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