When I am angry, disgruntled and struggling to make a point and “a restrictive word count, speech time or listening capacities” snub my views, I feel my efforts to opine are all worthless. As a journalist, I sense the tremendous responsibility I hold when a shocker hits headlines, all eyes turn to you…all of a sudden people begin to make sense of the news you supply, which otherwise they’d simply prefer to pay no heed to.
November 26, 2008 is one such day, well-etched in my memory. It was a chaotic, unpalatable and hurtful night of misfortunes. Three top cops martyred, over 175 butchered by “frozen in the head lunatics,” failure of intelligence, commandos battling to calm a city that was suddenly suffering from dysfunctional normality and unwanted political drama. All this in three nights…yes, it probably appears to be a script from some Hollywood ‘A’ rated action movie….but you’re sadly mistaken. This is reality; this is the “great Indian dream”, a nightmare that keeps interrupting our peaceful life…for which solutions cannot be found through hypnosis. “Relive this painful dream and thank your stars if you come out alive,” is all we get in reconciliation. “Ah!! I am safe, nothing happened to me this time,” we sigh, when terror strikes. Is that all that is left of us…are we just waiting to be slaughtered by a bunch of lunatics…who in the name of religion, keep crushing us time and again. “Oh!” we again sigh, “thank God, its not one of us…they were not Hindus, not Christians,” so another reconciliation. Good, our religious hypocrisy always gets the better of us.
Politicos also indulge in similar mud-slinging. The opposition pin points failure of the government, the ruling party tries to be apathetic and speaks about compensations to families and there is some bantering, blame game and wasteful media coverage (word space and air time) offered in platter to them. So, while our commandos struggle to secure hostages and nab terrorists holed up in the locales, our politician fly down from their well-protected hubs to grab some media attention and speak about all they should not. So, attention is diverted, the police tries to bodyguard our dear friends who we once voted for, instead of securing the terror stricken place. Though, I must admit, the one anti-north ridden politician made me proud this time… he refused to come out of his haven, he did not ramble…however there were smses being passed…only goes to show how much we missed him during this time of crisis. Where was he? Probably his attention seeking tactics slipped when he saw Indian soldiers battling through thick and thin…on land he claimed owned by the marathi manoos…I have a strong feeling that he is ashamed. But, well…it is just a feeling. Some people never choose to learn. But if his silence has worked in our stride…then I am glad.
So, now, as I wish to write no more and feel exhausted, dispirited and cheated by the “spirit of Mumbai” jingle, that keeps jingling from foolish mouths…this angry self, says adieu, we need to get back to work, I have another day to look forward to, another news report to cover and may be some better news to bring to you. Uh!!! Is this is another reconciliation? Probably, yes.


  1. You have put it so aptly jane….resilience, mumbai spirit, never say die..the truth is this city has become numb and apathetic to such incidents over a long period of time….probably acknowledging the fact that we cant do much about it rather than being “plain lucky”……. i dunno if this attitude can hold the city walls for how long..but i just wish that for once we show how hurt and frustrated we are……to those terrorists with weapons and to those largely, who have managed to destroy this city widout weapons…….that we will not tolerate this anymore.


  2. The spirit of Bombay may be commendable…time n again.. resilient. But it is this attitude, I think, that is bringing these effers to our city…time and again…I dunno when this hide-n-seek of terror n d the spirit of Bombay will end. It probably never will. N this very same spirit will keep inviting d cowards to attack us from the behind. Thoughts well put. But aggression is what we need more than ever before.


  3. the city has it’s own spirit… and i believe that from within the ashes it shall rise again…minus the mindless politics, the snobbish remarks, the endless blame game…i salute the city i cry for them who’ve lost their livesand i pray none of this ever happens again…


  4. firstly brilliantly put together Jane…Secondly this is my comments i have posted anywhere since the attacks only because no other contents or blogs interested me….. I believe its time we should stay as one country instead of multiple states. My heart goes out to the people who have been affected by this tragedy… this is perfect oppertunity to get everyone in on this and make that change we are long overdue… Easy for me to say this from this end but it is journalists like you who should be at the helm of this change…. I am Proud to be an Indian in all aspects other than the political aspect…. Ashamed to be a part of Indian population who elect these so called Leaders…. By all means i think we are all old enough to understand the seriousness and young high spirited enough to bring in this…. We are a nuclear power for heaven’s sake and we could not stop a bunch of under aged numskulls from entering one of the most respected heritage point of our country… Change we need and need to make this happen ourseleves


  5. Thank you all for your comments…I understand the sense of frustation and anger that most of you all are currently feeling…But i just hope it doesn’t die down….this feeling of anger, resentment, frustration shouldn’t be short lived…the process of change is long and we all have to be part of it..Mridul and Gautam…thanks for joining in and reading my blog…really appreciate it 😉


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