Rains and emotions


We make out of darkness,
An unresonable shadow,
We make out of human,
A beautiful friend,
But the last time it rained,
I was alone and empty,
I couldn’t make out of water anything insane.

We see muck,
And fix our eyes on the pink lotus,
We see the selfish,
And still wipe our eyes of their greed,
But the last time it rained,
The sky was heavy and the earth hazy,
My eyes tried but couldn’t vision good.

We see fish,
They move not swim,
We see people,
They leave not walk,
But the last time it rained,
It was heavy and brutual,
My body was soaked and not wet with pain

We see sadness,
And look for hope,
We see hate,
And pray that its forgiven,
And this time when it rained,
The drops fell on me,
I smiled and said it was better than the Last time…..