That, I want to see a smile on your face

I am not an opinion maker…I love my everyday. I do not really smile until people make me do. I said, I came here to make a difference. I thought I was feeling good. But, now, I realise I am so random and just the random things in life make me smile.
I smile when:
a) If a friend remembers me, and says ‘well talking to you after a long time’ it makes me blush, atleast they know our last past and I am just glad about how well I still fit in their memory even if unintenionally.

b) If I am given a small compliment, I hold my lips together. My heart smiles though, I do not want to show…does it make sense in reflecting how much you appreciated it.

c) I beam when I see that person stare at me. Why did he happen to look? I do not know either….but its nice to know someone is in an akward or confused mind frame when seeing you. You enjoy that brief moment and eat it down with the utmost pleasure….even if what they thought was negative.

d) I just learnt that if you smile daily when the sunrises, the sun will have better reasons to smile at you, atleast they are reciprocating if not answering. Their smile can kill….kill your life with more ahem…happiness.

e) I giggle while reading, only my mind knows what got me move my lips, my teeth dance and toung hop…I made some noise too…very “Giggly wiggly”….I sounded crazy. But something in those words made me do….but you care less.

f) I don’t know what I am writing but I am sure that you are smiling because I wrote to express and impress। And since nothing has gotten into your head you are still reading to understand why the hell was I REALLY SMILING???

g) Oh!! I forgot one last thing…I smile when i am really nervous. Especially when I am talking. If you are scowling at me and I am still smiling, it is probably because I was peeing in my pants…and I am just so shit nervous that all my emotions have frozen..(otherwise I would have just kicked you in the rear for have given me shout, but my condition blah blah….it doesn’t call for it)

Next time I SMILE you jolly well figure out why I did…its hidden in these pointers.

Love always,
Keep smiling and keep dreaming,

P.S. I Know my crap has still not been undertood by your minds…forget it, you are simply trying too hard for no benefit of yours.


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