Why I pray?

I walked my own lanes,

To find myself,

Amongst the narrow and wide,

Lost amidst the bright and dim.

I remember Him,

With great fondness and zeal,

So that I touch and reach,

An ambition I love,

But what my heart always failed to reveal.

Thus I bend my knees slightly,

With my head raised towards the blue,

Hoping to evade my fear of failure,

Because somewhere He knows,I hate to fall,

And cry bitterly when in pain.

And only He believes,That I would do no wrong,

But gradually coil when hurt and insane.

So I clasp my hands together,

And make a call,

If He answers,

He has heard,

The fear would be gone,

My love revived,

With my faith in GOD soon reconciled.


Three point something @ the centre of Ahmedabad

Chetan…Chetan…Chetan…you know my friends think I am mad? After meeting Chetan Bhagat, I have been troubling, well actually harassing a lot of people…by just talking about him so much.

Probably it is an ambition I so rigidly follow and the manner in which he gets me read his books. I think his works are the fastest I have read, I have never read anyone’s work earlier with so much intensity. I usually read while lying on my bed, when I really have nothing to engage me. To read Chetans work…it is different… I actually wait for an oppurtunity to pick up his book and see what next??

Well too much about me…now back to CBs new book “The three mistakes of my life.”

I take the responsibilty of not completing it in a day, it took me three days…but they are the days…he again is a big hit….this time though he opts for a smaller town like Ahmedabad…Chetan has it bigger than 5 point someone and One night @ the call centre.

There is a lot of similarities in Chetans three books, the three most imporatant points that cannot go unoticed are:

a) The narrator: CB is undoubetedly a very good story teller. He is always involved somewhere, somehow….he starts the story and we sit there to listen to him. Heard of writers with this charisma? While in five point someone, we assume that Chetan was telling his story all the way, in the second half of ON@TCC and TMOML, Chetan and his readers become the listeners…coz there is someone else who wants share a story…an interesting story
b) Friendship, Romance and sex: Seems like CB has a strong friends circle, otherwise it is usually difficult to share with your audience a story about “friends” like the way CB has done in all his three books.
Well, about romance…. what shall i say about this, the lead character always ends up in a relationship which he is very confused about in the begining…and well they end up having sex (not morally right according to Indian standards). But it is not really uncommon in India either.
So…going the filmi way, something goes wrong in the relationship or it is effectively made part of the narrative and the readr is waiting to know what the climax of the relationship would be like. In the end in apna bollywood ishstyle the hero-heroine meet. Waah! Hum satisfied or aap?
c) He chooses a scenario:
Be it campus life, the call centre or religion, cricket and business, CB knows what he is talking about. He does not have to get into heavy details, his work is simple, he does not get into excessive research either. His research is simple enough to blend into his story. After all CB is not a non-fiction writer or researcher he is a “Story teller.”
I really like CBs work, because after reading his third book, I realised what novella (novel) is all about. It is not about being complex and heavy, it is not about using hi-fi grammar, it is about being you…expressive and being you. CB manages to do it everytime.

Govind, Omi and Ishant….they remind me of three friends I know of…one a so businessman like – overambitious-selfish-pros n cons infected, the other so religiously inclined and one who just doesn’t care a f*** about people and is obessessed about cricket.
An intresting story – based in a small town situation – Belrampur in Ahmedabad, a city that was brutually ripped by the earthquake and Godhra riots in 2001 and 2002.

The story is about how three freinds see it all, how they try to rise out of the ashes and build their lives again. It could cost them their life….
All the three friends weigh business, religion and cricket differently, but it is their friendship which gets them through even with their differences.
a) Omi and Ishant do not love business…but they help Govind fulfill his business ambitions.
b) Govind and Ishant care less about religion, but they give in to Omi’s faith and his Bitoo Mama’s political cum religion propoganda.
c) Govind and Omi follow cricket but not like Ishant who becomes a parasite on the day India plays a match.
They all start a business – a combo of their taste – a sports shop, rented inside Omi’s family temple. Business, Religion, Cricket…
Govind- is a mathematical genius who scored a 100 in his XII exam, and also starts tutoring while running the shop to earn an incentive for the shop. He loves Probability and weighs his possibilities in life all mathematically….even the number of times he has slept with his best friend, Ishants sister Vidya (9 times- he recounts in two months). Vidya, is his love, he starts off as her maths teacher, tutoring her for her medical entrance and then….it just happens…
Govind is narrating the story…and he speaks about his three mistakes…you need to figure those mistakes out?

Ishant- district level player, passionate about cricket, runs from the NDA (Defence school) to become a cricket player. He helps Ali start new, a young 12-year-old boy, whose talent can take team-India to heights

Omi-he loves his religion, he follows the saffron part closely – his Mama drags him into politics. But he never once allows his love for religion to hinder his friendship with his two friends and their love for Ali.

All in all, the book is packed with drama, you will cry, fall in love, rejoice and bite your toungue in pain…it is all about generating emotions….CB knows to do it well.
I have only one question for CB…since he has quite a female fan following…why doesn’t he have a Girl in the lead character the next time. Though it is challenging to write from a woman’s point of view, role playing is a part of a writers job. I think he needs to get out of his commoness…it seems to be his comfort zone, but too much of comfort makes one feel uncomfortable later.
Otherwise, Chetan has one big fan in me…I love his work and the manner he has drawn people to read his work…

5 stars for his third book

Someday over the rainbow….

There are some dreams, that we never imagine would come true. We think of it…like being so untrue and impossible, so much so that even if we dream about it again, we just let it go…

I had this strong desire to meet author Chetan Bhagat, after I read One night @ the call centre and Five Point someone. It never looked realistic, until the 6th of May, when my editor came up to us, and asked if any of us was a CB fan. I raised my hand instantly, without second thoughts..his name had magic…his writing like a spell. My editor handed me an invite…and said Jane you have to meet him and discuss the launch of his new book. CB is big in India, though literary writers find it hard to accept him in their league, he is big, he is the J.K Rowling of India…without any denial.

I met CB on the 8th of May at High Street Phoenix….the expeirence was the fulfillment of my first impossible dream ofcourse…it was small…but still so big in my memory….

My article was published on the 9th of May in The Asian Age supplement. He spoke about his new book “The Three Mistakes of my life,” and the movie which he scripted “Hello”.

Read on…
Few hours before the launch of his third book, “The three mistakes ofmy life” in Mumbai, writer Chetan Bhagat looked all excited about thelaunch.”We are running out of copies of the book,” he admits, “and we had to call for more copies from Delhi today.”With his the guy-next-door charm Chetan Bhagat comes out as a cool and friendly person, who loves his readers and gets enthused every time he finds an admirer of his work.”Oh! You read my books…” he says surprised. Chetan still feels that he has to come to terms with his large audience base and confesses that he blushes with happiness each time his fan asks him for an autograph.”I knew that I had a big audience base in the U.S among the technocrats and other student population there, after my books were translated in French, I learnt that even the French loved my work.But, unfortunately I haven’t been there to sense my following. It is India that pulls me time and again,” he says talking about his fans. He adds, “I love my Indian readers, and that is why I am launching my books in different cities in the country.”An IIT, IIM graduate, investment banker and writer all the roles suit Chetan Bhagat perfectly. He does not look uncomfortable in his role-playing and fits himself well into anything. Content with his decision to move from Hong Kong where he spent eleven years as an investment banker, Chetan says, “It feels like coming back into your mothers arms. I come to the city very often but the feeling of settling here is entirely different.” Though Chetan finds life in Hong Kong very comfortable, he loves his country and is making aconscious effort to adjust with the city’s pace and traffic. “I actually meditate during a traffic jam, it keeps me calm and gets methrough the long traffic hours,” he admits slyly.
Chetan believes that audience feedback is essential; it helps him improve his writing each time, but a writer with strong readership to his credit, still faces brick bats and is accused of ripping literature apart. On this, he says, “If the criticism is constructive even if negative, I take it with a bag full of sugar. But some feel Iam writing trash and compare it to Mills and Boons; I cannot change mystyle for them.” He adds, “I write different books. If you are not into reading my books…you are not, I am completely fine with it.”Talking about his new book, Chetan claims that it very different from the last two books. This time he chose for a smaller town like Ahmedabad and has tried covering the issue of Gujarat riots. “I was in IIM-Ahmedabad, and lived there for two years and know people there.The issue of the Gujarat riots is also very close to my heart; I tried to blend it within my narratives. Also I wanted to cover the issue of Gujrathi’s wanting to get their daughters married to rich businessmen,”he says. “These are some problems dominating the town and I tried best to deliver it in my book.”When asked about his expectations from his third book. Chetan says, “I just hope that my readers are not disappointed. After the huge success of my two books, I find it challenging to meet those expectations, but I guess…its part of your job,” he muses. India’s top selling author has more surprises to give. He recently wrote the script for the movie “Hello” which is a remake of his secondbook “One night @ the call center” starring Salman Khan and Katrina. Elated about the snapshots of the movie going to be screened in hisbook launch at Mumbai, he says, “I am satisfied with the movie. It keeps the essence of the book alive and fresh. Though, I was not present for all the shoots, I am sure director Atul Agnihotri has done a fine job.”

For Chetan, writing is a hobby. He writes only when he feels like he needs to and does not show any inclination to make writing a full time profession. “I will continue working as an investment banker in Deutshe Bank, Mumbai – that is my job. If i get a good story i will probably try my hand on writing some good film scripts,” he says.
Until then, Chetan is basking in his success and at teh way his life is taking shape. He intends to take a break to reduce weight. He says, “I put on so much weight while writing my third book. My family, friends and fans feel I need to do something about it soon.”

Well….Chetan I dont think you need to do anything about the weight….this fan just loves your work

After that converstaion with CB..he gave a me copy of his book with his autograph…I hesitantly removed my copy of his first two books and asked his autograph there too….”Oh my fans carry my books everywhere,” he laughed. I couldn’t help but give a sheepish smile….

Love and Regards,


That, I want to see a smile on your face

I am not an opinion maker…I love my everyday. I do not really smile until people make me do. I said, I came here to make a difference. I thought I was feeling good. But, now, I realise I am so random and just the random things in life make me smile.
I smile when:
a) If a friend remembers me, and says ‘well talking to you after a long time’ it makes me blush, atleast they know our last past and I am just glad about how well I still fit in their memory even if unintenionally.

b) If I am given a small compliment, I hold my lips together. My heart smiles though, I do not want to show…does it make sense in reflecting how much you appreciated it.

c) I beam when I see that person stare at me. Why did he happen to look? I do not know either….but its nice to know someone is in an akward or confused mind frame when seeing you. You enjoy that brief moment and eat it down with the utmost pleasure….even if what they thought was negative.

d) I just learnt that if you smile daily when the sunrises, the sun will have better reasons to smile at you, atleast they are reciprocating if not answering. Their smile can kill….kill your life with more ahem…happiness.

e) I giggle while reading, only my mind knows what got me move my lips, my teeth dance and toung hop…I made some noise too…very “Giggly wiggly”….I sounded crazy. But something in those words made me do….but you care less.

f) I don’t know what I am writing but I am sure that you are smiling because I wrote to express and impress। And since nothing has gotten into your head you are still reading to understand why the hell was I REALLY SMILING???

g) Oh!! I forgot one last thing…I smile when i am really nervous. Especially when I am talking. If you are scowling at me and I am still smiling, it is probably because I was peeing in my pants…and I am just so shit nervous that all my emotions have frozen..(otherwise I would have just kicked you in the rear for have given me shout, but my condition blah blah….it doesn’t call for it)

Next time I SMILE you jolly well figure out why I did…its hidden in these pointers.

Love always,
Keep smiling and keep dreaming,

P.S. I Know my crap has still not been undertood by your minds…forget it, you are simply trying too hard for no benefit of yours.