This whole ‘chat craze’ began somewhere in 2002. I went on yahoo, on a friends advice and then started chatting with random people.
The First thing I would ask was their asl (age/sex/location) “Asl plz”…then if i found it interesting I would hop to other details like name, work, hobbies etc. Then, I wouldn’t have a chat id with my name….I kept wierd names like butter87, coolgurl, missspice….if all that meant anything.

It was fun to chat with people who you knew only virtually, an uncessary pass time which i could probably do without, but was enjoying living with…
I remember on one of my birthdays my friends came over and we decided to play and have some fun in the chatroom…we added some random guy on my id…apparently from New Zealand and it was a fad to chat with men who we really didn’t know.
Well this is one of the keedagiris…we girls did at 15…i cannot stop laughing at the thought.
These chat men were funny, we enjoyed beating around the bush, i remember one of them was so bugged with us that he ended up abusing us…we abused back…Oh what fun…was it??
Reason: We found our school boys were boring…some were Nurds while some were the biggest cartoons and so we always prefered to stay away from them (That ‘girls better than boys’ attitude.)
Ahaan! But virtual men…well the feeling was different…lolz

After that stopped chatting for about two years…i found it such a waste and useless job…had too many real friends and did not want to add the virtual load..
It was only in 2006 that the chat and networking bug caught me again…but this time it was a different feel and the reasons to be hooked were also not really the same.

In the years, the chat revolution has become so different, every second person chats…now we chat more with our own friends or friends of friends than strangers. Further, we are hooked on to chat more than the cell. Most cell phones allow access to the internet. Today, people are always logged on…at work, school, college….networking has become faster and everyone is all well connected…we almost find it difficult to mess with unknown people. If interested in them we go ahead…but messing, abusing, fooling around….dude that is rare.
Imagine doing foolish things on a networking site; thout even realising … your profile will be blocked; its no longer a virtual thing….you can be tracked and everyperson knows the other….
Big risk to mess…..

Today if you have a missspice, coolgurl you would certainly be mocked at. And we rarely indulge in the asl type of questions….the idea of chatting with strangers is no more a trend…or for that matter chit-chats…have become way to decent or for that matter far too transparent


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